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Does Cox support the use of nomorobo, a program that blocks annoying robocallers and telemarketers from reaching your phone? Have there been any problems reported concerning usage of this program?
  • Hi Bill,

    When nomorobo first hit the news, it looked like a service that individuals could sign up for regardless of their phone provider...kind of like Now the site asks for your provider information before providing any other details. Cox Digital Telephone supports the simultaneous ring feature that allows nomorobo to work, so I'm not sure why Cox is not listed as a participant. I will try to get more info and let you know what I find out!
  • How does Cox have simultaneous ring? Im sure Cox's servers are technically capable but I thought the feature was only offered on the business side? I only ask because someone asked a question specifically about that feature not too long ago.

  • Becky, looking forward to an answer on this one. Thanks!

  • Hi Health Edge,

    You are correct. Thanks for setting me straight!

    At this time, simultaneous ring is only available in the "VoiceManager" tools for Cox Digital Telephone Business customers. I'm going to do more research and check with our corporate product managers regarding nomorobo. I want to make sure the product managers are aware of how many customers are interested in participating! I'll post an update as soon as I can.
  • All Cox needs to do is support Simulring which they do on the business side. Yesterday I began getting "SPAMMED" by a fax call that would not stop. What I did is forward my Cox line to my Vonage line which does support Simulring. NOMOROBO works like a charm except you don't get the caller-id of your caller but you get NOMOROBO's caller-id. I'm working eith NOMOROBO to see if they can forward the original caller-id. I hope Cox adds simulring very quickly and without cost since if they don't I will port my Cox number to Vonage. Please Cox, add Simulring quickly.