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*67 Dial Tone Confirmation

When accessing "Caller ID Per Call Blocking" *67, I get a stuttered dial tone (3 dial tone interruptions) followed a higher pitched tone. Then this sequence keeps repeating until eventually disconnecting. It does not go to a normal, steady dial tone after the stuttered dial tone, which is the way worked for years when using *67. Has anyone else experienced this? Were you able to get it corrected?

  • Thank you to those who replied. A Cox technician called today and completely reset my digital phone in the Cox system. That solved the problem. The *67 dial tone confirmation is back to normal (three brief interruptions to the dial tone, then a normal dial tone sound indicating you may input the number you wish to dial).

    This issue started on September 13th and took numerous phone calls  to Cox service and four technician service calls to the house.

    Many thanks to "Thomas" from Cox Service, who finally got it corrected. 

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