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Voice Tools repeatedly down

I try to log in to track phone activity and I keep getting a page urging me to sign up for the service.  What gives?

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  • Whatever the issue was or is... it seems to have resolved- at least for now.  It would be nice if Cox could be more forthcoming with information about work being performed on their network but as a Cox customer I'm clearly entitled to nothing and my duty is to shut up and pay up.

    To the moderators... thank you for your efforts.  Unfortunately your script furnished nothing of value when the issue produced no specific error message- like what you asked us to screen shot.  I think it's reasonable to assume that this has something to do with the change in phone service that's underway and is likely to happen again. 

    The fact that Cox doesn't see fit to keep paying customers in the know amounts to a big middle finger- not only at the customers but also quite possibly at the people charged with rendering support to them.

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