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I just spent an inordinate amount of my time chatting with some helpful Cox reps.  They were helpful in many areas but my last request concerned NOMORE ROBO and I was directed to settings and told I would be able to set this up myself.

Why send a customer to a location that will not allow the customer to perform the operation in question?

And why does My Services state I am paying for 21 services when I apparently can only access 4?

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  • Most of those services are accessed by dialing a code.which will be mostly in the link in Becky's response.  This migration to Nomore Robo appears to be a poorly thought out thing, more of a field trial where they seem to be letting the customers do the troubleshooting.  Not the way I did system cutovers for several years.  It wa great, sitting in the customer's switch room on the Monday after a cutover or upgrade bored.  It would appear their techs only know what they know about their switching platform, and have little flexibility or experience with different technologies.

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