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How do I change the number of times the phone rings before going into voicemail?

I have the User manual version January 2017. The instructions for changing the number of rings for the Cox Voice Mail do not work for me. At times I cannot get to the phone before it rings the fourth time. One or two more rings would help. (we are disabled)

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    Yes Call us to set the number of rings. The network technology requires us to make the change for you.
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    Press *78.
    Result: You will hear a stutter, then a regular dial tone.

    1. Enter the number of rings between 2 and 9. 

      Note:The default is four rings.

    2. After entering the number of rings, you will hear two fast busy signals letting you know your changes are complete.
    3. After listening for the confirmation tone, hang up.

    Note: There are some isolated cases where the four-ring default cannot be changed using these steps. In this case, contact your local Cox Center for assistance.

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