Customer since 1991.  Last 6 years have been a disaster.   Internet intermittent.  Phone calls drop, where I can hear them but they can't hear me.  New phones.  New phone modem and new Internet modem.  All new wires & connectors in the house.  All new wires & connectors from the house to the drive way.  Al new wires and connectors from the driveway under the street to the box across the street.  No solutions.  ZERO management effort at solution.  ZERO follow through on the great notes that all of the very polite people on the phone take EVERY TIME I call. 

At this point I am looking to pursue a solution that involves legislation over their monopoly and/or civil litigation.  Is there a class action group I can join?  After uncountable hours in search of a solution I believe my time would be better spent associating myself with a stronger lever than I can personally apply by just stopping service.

Welcome any productive input.   

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