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Call Recipients Receiving Multiple Calls from ME After We Connect

My Cox network was just recently upgraded and I have the new modems working with a Panasonic phone system with 3 incoming lines and approximately 12 stations throughout the house. I have no other symptoms or problems. The alarm system tested fine after and it camps onto line 1 of 3 lines.

We have gotten feedback from people we would call with cell phones who reside in the US. Two so far. 

During a call and within 1-2 minutes after connecting, the person we're speaking to receives another call from our same number and caller ID. Being its on a cell they get invited to HOLD, IGNORE, or JOIN the new call. After asking us why we're calling them again, they reject the call and within another minute another call comes in.

It's as if we have an ECHO of some kind that redials the same person.

I have tried this with my own cell phone at home and could not duplicate it.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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