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Long Distance charge for each nomorobo call intercept?

I just activated the simultaneous ring/nomorobo service on the 16th.  I just looked at my bill dated May 24th, and I see $0.14 long distance charges for each call made to my phone and intercepted by the nomorobo service!!??  The nomorobo service number given me is a 602 area code, but I also added my cell phone to the simultaneous ring list, which is a local number, and I'm also being charged $0.14 for those too.  I can delete my cell number, fair enough, but I don't think the LD charge for nomorobo is appropriate.  Is there a local Tucson number that I can use for that?

  • My guess is because the Sim. ring service is only free for the 2nd ring? What happens if you set Sim. Ring to your cell with NoMoRobo disabled?

    Also, why would you want to add your cell phone number? Are you looking for notification of when things are "Robo"ed? If so, isn't that something you do through NoMoRobo and not Cox?

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