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Phone Call From Unknown Caller ID With Loud Harassing Alarm Sound - Is Cox Telephone High-jacked?

 I am getting an increasing number of these malicious calls that seem to high-jack my Cox Telephone service. I am subjected to a very loud harassing alarm sound throughout my house from my answering machine and my three hand sets. This must be an FCC violation. Please use the following URL to listen to the last one I recorded from my answering machine.!Ak6rLTE8_2mohN9x7bl5fhRX153nAg

Please advise on how I can stop this.

Thank you.

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  • Trapezoidal ring tone...? 

    Yea, I am not too familar with what it does either. Just bumped into the term while googling around and it looked interesting.

    ""A square wave (which is cheaper to make electronically), the voltage goes straight up to the maximum positive voltage, stays at that voltage for the duration of that part of the cycle, and then goes straight down to the maximum negative voltage (see chart below). On a square wave, the line going from positive to negative is usually vertical, as opposed to sloping on a sine wave.

    Some real bells (ringers) have a problem with square waves, so some manufacturers shape the waves into trapezoids (with extra electronic components) to improve how their device works with real bells, and to reduce some of the noise that can be generated by using a square wave (see the chart below). Most electronic ringers work fine with a square wave."  - As seen here.

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