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Robo calls out of control

Hi, robo call frequency on Cox phone has greatly increased recently. I get 10-20 calls a day. Please make the necessary changes to enable "nomorobo" as soon as possible.
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  • It's coming very soon. It is being trialed in CT, GA and VA. Saw this on DSLReports so I guess the word is spreading.

    "I can clear things up on this. We're migrating all customers to a new platform we're calling Cox Voice. Cox Voice includes support for Nomorobo and the Cox Voice App. Right now Cox Voice is only available in Georgia, Connecticut and Virginia for new customers.

    If you had phone prior to the beginning of 2018 I can assure you you are on the Cox Digital Telephone platform You can confirm this on your bill. You will get a notification when migrations start in your area via your statement and confirmation when you are migrated via a letter. Migrations will start later this year."

    PS. Do the moderators here know or work with "CoxJimR"?