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Getting robo calls every day

but a cell phone user I know has them all blocked by nomorobo, and another person has another one. Yet they pay LESS for their phone than I do.

What does this say about Cox? Years ago, people complained. Now I have to wait until November unless Cox allows me to get set up and I'll move on from their phone early. Why not Cox? If it is not all about the money why don't you allow me out of the contract for another 8 months of daily robo calls to something cheaper where I don't have to pay for robocalls and get free protection from them?

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  • Not soon enough. Years behind other places. Sorry, you've had your chances. If you were a real "friend in the digital age" why do you still require payment from an unhappy customer that your own company causes problems too and won't let us go.

    Its all the about the money. Cox is profitting off doing nothing and allowing the issue to happen. Let me go before November otherwise I'm going to keep driving the point home that this is all about the money.

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