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Getting robo calls every day

but a cell phone user I know has them all blocked by nomorobo, and another person has another one. Yet they pay LESS for their phone than I do.

What does this say about Cox? Years ago, people complained. Now I have to wait until November unless Cox allows me to get set up and I'll move on from their phone early. Why not Cox? If it is not all about the money why don't you allow me out of the contract for another 8 months of daily robo calls to something cheaper where I don't have to pay for robocalls and get free protection from them?

  • Hello nichollsvi, Sorry to hear that you are getting these calls. We will be offering nomorobo in the future. If you need assistance looking into your account, we would be happy to help. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us the name on the account with the full service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.
  • Cox had YEARS to get its act together. Release me out of my contract. "In the future" PLU EASE. When you are getting daily robocalls, Cox's wah wah wah "in the future" means NOTHING.

    Cox IS the problem. Cox is profitting off the robocalls. Sorry, I stop paying Cox's overbloated prices for lack of service. Cox will simply ask for more money to use it or jack the prices up to have it. 

    Not ONCE have I seen any apology out of Cox for their lack of service. NEVER.

    Btw, I'll make sure to screenshot the post so people can know Cox will shut down and not tolerate any dissent.

  • PS Not everyone is required to have Twitter just for Cox's issues. That includes any other social media.

    Time to nip that one also.

  • Another 2 scam hangups today: 7573810827.

    I'm trying another line out elsewhere and they're getting ALL sorts of calls blocked. Never had a problem with it. Why is this Cox can't do the same thing or at least let us out of daily robocalls since you are more expensive and can't do the same job, if you are our "friend" in the digital age?

  • @nichollsvi

    Progress is being made on improvements to our phone platform which would offer a few more tools to address concerns such as yours. More information will be made available as we get closer to launch.