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Exterior Telephone Cable Removal

I do not have a landline, and see absolutely no reasonable situation where I would ever consider adding one.  Is Cox able to remove the main telephone cable that runs from the utility pole to a gray box on the outside of our house if desired?

  • @annabelle

    The coax cable coming from the pole provides the signal for all service if removed it would interrupt with any service we provide to the residents.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I do not think this is a coax cable.  I already have two other coax cables running from the pole which then go into a splitter on my home, and then eventually into the house.  This cable is specifically for telephone, and goes directly into a gray box which is installed on the outside of my home.  Does the telephone line provide a signal for internet functionality?  Is it really necessary to have three cables spanning across my yard from the pole to my house just for internet and TV?

    Thanks for your help!

  • annabelle,

    Please check to see if the box connected to the outside of your home is labeled (it should be) with a provider name. If you have already identified a different line as being the one providing your Cox service, it is likely this box is owned by a different provider, and as such we are unable to remove it.
  • Hi Colleen,

    There is no provider mentioned on this box, only a reference to "the telephone company".   I have included pictures of the outside as well as the inside of the 'customer access' area.

  • @annabelle

    Base on the photo you sent that's a Verizon box. We are not able to remove any of Verizon lines, you would need to contact them. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.