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Phone Tools issues

I received a criminal harassment telemarketer call a half hour ago and the call did not log into Phone Tools.  I've concurrently been experiencing issues logging in to PT- a couple times being taken to a page that is selling Phone Tools (Stay on top of your calls with phone tools) and offers links for me to "learn more" or "order now"..

Just now got another criminal harassment call (IRS filing suit scam) and will see if that logged).

Edit- cannot log in at all.  Apparently my account not longer has this feature.  Are the servers down?  Is there maintenance being performed?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Edit 2: Finally got in... and both calls showed.  There are apparently issues with something at Cox.  Will update with any other difficulties experienced logging in.

  • I am glad to hear that you were finally able to get in and the 2 calls did show. Please let us know if you need additional help.

  • Thank you for a timely response.  Still having periodic issues logging in with the same results.  At this point when I do manage to successfully log in it's a game of chance whether I can view details of calls logged or whether Cox is unable to display them.

  • Please try deleting the caches and cookies. If you continue to have trouble, try a different browser. Please let us know the results.

  • Egad...

    To humor you I did clear both cache and cookies and the intermittent problem persists.  Thanks for "busying" me with a pointless exercise.

    "Refreshing" the sign up page will sometimes take me to phone tools.

    Edit (added info): 

    The URL that logging in produces when it's acting up:

    The URL when behaving:!/

    To this point, reloading the page seems fairly reliable in getting me to where I want to go.  If the problem is a mystery, kindly say so.  If your advice is for me to clear history, cookies, or otherwise alter settings on my computer, please articulate how you believe this would mitigate the problem.

    Thank you.

    Edit 2:  Clicking "Call History" after logging in to my account (Web Tools) replicates the problem... except the URL I get from there is:

    Same page urging me to sign up.  Refreshing did bring up Phone Tools, but as has happened a few times, a red message: "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties to process your call history request" appears when I try to view my call history.

    Again, I'm no techie but I don't think clearing cookies and cache will accomplish anything besides making me an active participant in propagating the illusion that this is being addressed.

    Edit 3: Silly me for mentioning that refreshing the page brings up Phone Tools, now that doesn't even work.

    Edit 4: I appear to be otherwise logged in to Cox when this happens because clicking any webmail link takes me to my inbox instead of a log in page.

  • It's still an issue... at times I'm completely unable to access Phone Tools.