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Cox has ZERO Tech to stop the Robo Calls

Have been a Cox Customer for decades and the robo / unsolicited calls are increasing at an alarming rate --- getting on average 15-20 spam calls on Cox DAILY.  The COX Phone Block feature is useless, limited.

Caller ID is totally broken --- faked, fraudulent almost all the time.

Registered on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, have filed complaints with the FCC, FTC, etc .

May have to move away from Cox to another VOIP incorporating blocking tech --- Cox just isn't up to par with others as to a solution to this growing problem

  • Hi Voodoo Chili,

    I agree, robocalls are a daily nuisance! You will be happy to know that Cox is in the process of upgrading phone network technology in order to provide customers with new phone features.

    One of the new features coming in 2018 is Simultaneous Ring. The big deal with Simultaneous Ring is that it will enable customers to filter out spam calls via tools like Nomorobo. Also coming in 2018 are enhancements to Cox Phone Tools and a new Cox Mobility app. Changes will be announced in the "News From Cox" section of your monthly bill statement, so stay tuned!

  • How much extra will the charges be for it?

  • @dhw1949

    We do not have that information at this current time.

  • Good hearing that Cox is FINALLY doing something about it --- Consumer Reports has Cox rated pretty poorly on its ratings list --- in the #12 Spot (63 Score, judged "WORSE" in value) behind a ton of other companies.

    I do have other options (e.g. FIOS) and robo calls / spam is one of the main reasons I'm close to going with a competitor. 

    Nomorobo and other already fielded robo call blocking technologies already work on AT&T U-Verse, Astound Broadband, BroadVoice/PhonePower, Cablevision/Optimum, Comcast, Frontier, Sonic, SureWest, Time Warner, Ooma Premier, Verizon FiOS, Voipo,, Vonage, 1-Voip, and Wave Broadband.   I'm a Computer Scientist and this blocking tech is OLD, FIELDED, READILY AVAILABLE --- Cox has no excuses for not deploying.

    Cox needs to step up its game, get the tech and help its customers ---- or we'll just move over to a competitor.