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Cox to eliminate traditional copper phone and replace with VOIP.. BAD NEWS

As a longstanding COX customer, I don't want VOIP phone service as it has limitations when real emergencies happen (e.g., power outage, earthquake, etc.) Traditional copper phone lines work without electricity, with VOIP no power, no phone. This is really disappointing to me. I have copper for a reason and I don't need special modems to use the telephone, which has been around for over 100 years.

Hope COX doesn't force this on me. My phone isn't broke, so there is no need to change it.

  • Hello,

    We understand your concerns and rest assured this platform has been tested and will function properly.  An internal battery can be purchased that will hold power for dial tone up to 8 hours in the event of a commercial power outage.  Meaning if you have an old POTS phone it will be available for use during that time.  If you have concerns with the E911 system a simple test call once installed can verify for your peace of mind that it functions properly and has your correct address.  We are proactively moving customers to this new platform as the equipment made for your current platform are no longer are being produced. 

  • Danny, I appreciate your reply, however, my current phone doesn't need a backup battery, it's running on copper. The electricity runs through the copper provided by the phone company. So when the power goes out, the phone still works. The current technology works and doesn't require a modem, so why change it? All this added equipment to operate a phone that is over 100 years old is beyond me. It's not broke! If COX really wanted to add features, stop all the ROBO calls, this I would pay for... not VOIP. 

  • Hello, we understand your concerns with the installation of this modem.  The modem once installed will be connected in a manner that all the current jacks in the home will remain unchanged.  You will connect to them as you do today and it will provide line power with the installed battery backup in the event of a commercial power loss.  The modem will provide the same current as the POTS line does today and you should not detect any thing different with the service.   This is being done as a necessity as technology changes making the current equipment obsolete.

  • DannyS:

    You mention in your posts that the modem comes with an installed battery. It was my understanding that you had to pay extra if you wanted a battery. Is Cox now providing an installed battery for these forced installs in their process of getting rid of the old phone systems? Is it possible to continue to use the old system until something goes wrong with it and needs repair, and then switch to the modem system?

  • Hello,

    We apologize as you are correct.  That is the case now for customers that still have POTS telephones that desire to have a battery would need to purchase the battery now.  The purpose for proactively trying to upgrade these is as if the current device fails there could be a delay in restoring service which could severely impact your service, so we really want to upgrade them all soon as possible if available.