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update to tv caller id

tv caller id worked for just a while.  Called support and have a tech coming on Wednesday to fix the problem.

  • @connflash

    Please let us know if you have issues once the technician leaves.

  • tech was here and the problem is solved.  when service was installed a week ago the installer used a refurbished cable box.  The tech today changed the cable box to a new one.  Lo and beholed the tv caller id is now working. I don't understand why a new installation would use a refurbished cable box. That's it for now..

  • Yes, please keep us updated on your fix.

    The problem isn't Caller ID on TV can't be fixed.  The problem is it's only been a temporary fix.

    Cox sends refresh services...and now, swaps boxes, to "fix" the problem, but the problem always returns.

    Check out this thread: