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Don't upgrade phone service if you have a security system

Very upset at Cox.  I got a letter from Cox that I needed to upgrade my phone service at no charge to me.  Had it done.  The next day, my security system had a communication error.  It was not calling out to the monitoring service.  I called Cox and was told that I needed to call my security system company to fix it.  They told me that the change Cox made would affect my alarm system communications.   There was no mention of this in the letter or on the Cox website FAQ.  I would think that something that affects the safety of their customers would be mentioned in the letter.  I asked Cox to come and put the phone system back to the way it was.  I was told they couldn't.  I asked them how I can get reimbursed for the security company cost to repair the system which I anticipate will be around $200.  They can't do anything to reimburse me.

I sent an email to Telephone ServicesAmy Quinn, Director of Public Relations but I will be surprised if she reads it let alone get a response back.

Time to contact the FCC and or the State Attorney Generals office.  The security of my family and home are at risk because of Cox.

  • Hey Pauldv,

    I've reached out to our Field Team to have someone reach out to see what can be done. Once we know more we will reach back out to you.
  • Hey Pauldv,

    Outside of the Security System, are you able to use the phone?
  • They should have extended the line to the RJ-31 jack for the alarm, then from the RJ-31 jack into the house phone wiring, as it was before.

  • A big thanks to Nicholas Nini(not sure of last name spelling) from Cox service in Connecticut.  Thank god he reads these forums and called me on his own to review my problem.  It was exactly what dhw1949 stated below.  Nickolas sent out Lenny, a service technician (great guy) to rewire the phone line.  Exactly what was suppose to be done when the first guy came out.  Unfortunately, I guess Cox does not train very well.  Also it was disappointing that when I called Cox Phone Technical Support the answer from all 3 techs I spoke to was "Call your security company".  That included a manager.  You would think that one of them would had said they would send out a Technician to double check the installation.  If the security company came out, I would have paid them for nothing because they would have told me to call Cox.

    Anyway, big thanks to Nickolas and Lenny.  Customer service in the US needs more like Nickolas.


    Paul in CT

  • Hi Pauldv,

    I'm thrilled to hear that Nick was able to turn this situation around for you! I've forwarded your posts to our leadership so that we can learn from this experience and prevent it from happening again. I will also make sure that Nick receives your kudos. Thanks for providing an update!