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Phone tools not logging calls

The title says it all.  I've noticed some glitches recently in how it was logging... including listing calls that I'd receive=d as though they were calls I'd made... those disappeared completely and calls received and made over the weekend failed to log as well as a scam call from "Microsoft" criminals who called today because my computer was sending messages supposedly from a Washington, D.C. number.

I'm getting the sense that for this feature to continue working, I'm going to need to periodically alert you when it stops working- which it has a long history of doing repeatedly.  Perhaps my observations were of the results from work technicians are doing to attempt .fixing a problem but without so much as a word of notification (heck, I'm only a paying customer, why would Cox deign to tell me anything relating to the services I'm paying for????), I'm left to play guessing games and bring my aggravation to these discussions for everyone to enjoy.