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What is going on - Zip Code 02888?

I have had NO phone service since last Friday. Since early last week, internet has been slow as molasses.  Also having trouble with my mini box - it needs to be rebooted every single time it is used or I get sound with no picture.  Now I have the same problem on my main TV with the DVR box - sound but no picture.  No amount of rebooting gets it to come on.  Also cannot watch any DVR'd shows because there is no display.  

Website says "There is currently an outage in your area.

Our systems show that you may be experiencing an outage related to your TV, Internet and Phone services. We are working to correct the issues as soon as possible."

For the past THREE DAYS.  Time keeps moving forward in three hour intervals ... it will be fixed at 3... it will be fixed at 11... now it's 2:19 am. 

Contacted CHAT twice and got the same story... there is an outage.  They know nothing about what's going on.  The second Chat person was telling me about "nodes" like I care or it makes any difference. 

I would like SOMEBODY at COX to to respond to this message.  I cannot be the only person in 02888 having all these problems!

  • Hi DeeCeeDee,

    Did all of the issues you describe begin at the same time (Friday), or have some of these issues been ongoing for quite a while? I want to distinguish issues related to the outage from issues that might require a service call.

    There is an issue affecting two nodes in Warwick, causing slow internet speeds, intermittent dial tone, picture tiling, and audio drop-out. While I don't have many details, it appears we are waiting for a part to be delivered this morning. The repairs will be completed as soon as the part is received.

    If the issues you described began before Friday or continue after the outage clears today, we definitely want to take a closer look. I want you to be able to enjoy your services! I will keep an eye on this for you and let you know once the repair is complete. That way, if issues continue, we can address them quickly.

  • Well Becky, as of this morning, my internet has returned to the correct speed, and my phone dial tone has also returned. However, I have audio but no video on my television. This is the same issue that I had with the mini box all of last week. When I rebooted the mini box, the picture returned. However, on my main TV (with the DVR box), no amount of rebooting has cured the problem. Is this something that would be affected by whatever you are waiting for? You mentioned video issues but mine is the opposite problem.
  • Hi DeeCeeDee,

    The part has been replaced and the outage is now resolved. I'm glad to hear that your internet and phone are back to normal at this time! Since rebooting the mini box and DVR haven't restored video, I will try to reset both boxes from my end. Please give each box time to go through the reboot cycle.

  • Thanks Becky. I'm at work now so won't be able to check until later today. I will come back and post again as soon as I find out if it works.
  • Becky, apparently there is another outage now with tv service. Supposedly to be repaired tonight but if last weekend's debacle is repeated it will take three days. We shall see. I would appreciate your letting me know what number or department to contact for a credit on my bill when this is all over. This whole situation is unfortunate and requires compensation for your customers.