Phone service with Netgear CM1000

Phone service with Netgear CM1000

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Good afternoon.

I've purchased a Netgear CM1000 that I'd like to use as the modem for my internet service.  I also have a Cox phone; what do I need to do to keep my phone service and use the CM1000 for a cable modem?

Thanks -- Peter 

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  • Posted by Allan
    31 Dec 2017 7:05 PM


    You can plug the new modem up to any active cable line in the home to receive service. You will also need to register the modem when you first plug it up. You will be directed to our self activation page when you first try to access the internet so that you can register the modem.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

  • Posted by PAR
    15 Jan 2018 10:56 AM

    Sorry, I guess I was unclear.  The CM1000 does not have a telephone port on it to connect my phone to.  If I plug the new modem into my cable line, what do I need to have to connect my phone to?


  • Posted by Karen_R
    15 Jan 2018 5:01 PM
    Hello PAR,

    We can take a look at the account. A telephone modem is needed to provide telephone service. The CM1000 does not support telephone. Please send an email with this forum post, your full name, and address to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks



    Cox Support Forums Moderator