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How do you block a # with Cox......I see something about you have to have a subscription to the feature. The word subscription means a charge to me............... do you have to pay for something to be able to block a harassing #
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  • Posted by yak
    11 Sep 2017 9:35 PM

    Yes, you have to pay for the service.  it is called Selective Call Rejection.  you can block 29 numbers (total).   I hope that Cox improves that; you can fill 29 spaces in 2 days with telemarketers.   some phones have built-in "call block".  one home phone allows you to block 300 numbers.  only you can decide if it is worth the money; the phones cost apx. $80.   

  • Posted by shende
    11 Sep 2017 10:55 PM
    Thank You Yak...................... I was afraid of that. As much as I pay for my Cox service and as long as I have been a loyal customer without jumping back and forth, it would be nice if something like this was free to loyal customers. I guess there is no loyalty today though, you have to jump ship between companies to get perks. Don't think I have one of those phones that does the blocking, but gives me something to think about. Thank you for the answer.
  • Posted by Becky
    12 Sep 2017 5:32 AM
    Hi Shende,

    Do you subscribe to Cox Digital Telephone service? You may already have the Selective Call Rejection feature. It is included in the Cox Digital Telephone Premier package.

    Becky K.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator