Separate phone modem? Want to get rid of rental modem...

Separate phone modem? Want to get rid of rental modem...

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My parents (this is there account) recently ordered and had Cox internet and home phone service installed. Using the Cox website, we originally ordered the "Internet Essential" 15 Mbps service with the basic included "Internet & Telephone (No WiFi) Modem". They have no need for WiFi as there is a single computer and no wireless devices (not even a smart phone) and if that requirement changed in the future I could easily add a separate WiFi router. Shortly after placing the order a sales representative called and talked them into an upgrade to the 100 Mbps service which I think is overkill for them, but they are very pleased with the speed. Unknown to us at the time the modem selection was also changed from the "free" modem to the rental modem.

I would like to purchase a basic cable modem to install and get rid of the $9.99 monthly rental fee. I've seen the Cox Certified cable modem list and can easily buy several of the Arris modems at the local Best Buy, but none of the ones I find have the built in telephone modem. If I buy one of those internet cable modems, what would I need to do to get a telephone modem? Would I just return the Rental modem and request a basic telephone modem?

EDIT: If there is an included non-rental "Internet & Telephone (No WiFi) Modem" available for the Preferred 100 internet service with telephone, could you please tell me what it is? How I would go about returning this rental modem and getting that one instead?

FWIW I did try calling the sales support once I noticed the rental charge on the first bill, but the representative I spoke to was not much help. May not be the representative's fault as this is probably more a question for technical support than sales.

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  • Posted by DustinP
    19 Aug 2017 4:37 AM
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    Hi J_Turk,

    Among the Cox approved Cable Modems on our website you will find a Cisco DPQ3212 Telephony Modem with 1 built in Ethernet port and telephone ports for phone service. An account with telephone can utilize this telephony modem at no rental cost. If a router would be needed, then you will need to purchase one, or rent a WiFi Modem from Cox - it appears you don't need a router in this case. The authorized account holder can disconnect the current rental, return it to the solution store for a Cisco DPQ3212 and hold onto the return receipt for records of proof of return. Once home, connect the equipment to allow services to work.

    For a map of Cox retail stores, check out this link and update the zip code at the top once opened. I hope this aids your family for the better.


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