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TV screen phone caller ID

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This question is still unresolved
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How the heck do I turn TV  screen phone caller ID on? 

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  • Posted by MariaL
    4 Aug 2017 3:28 PM

    Hi lowdollar,

    What type of cable equipment do you have? Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) or Motorola?

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator

  • Posted by lowdollar
    4 Aug 2017 3:53 PM


  • Posted by ReneeG
    4 Aug 2017 4:01 PM
    Hi lowdollar,

    To access your TV caller ID, you will need to tune to channel is 1001. To enable this feature, (1) Press the blue COX button on the remote. (2) Use the arrow buttons to highlight Caller ID and then press SELECT. (3) Use the up and down arrow buttons on your remote control to highlight the Caller ID Status option. (4) Use the left or right arrows to select either ENABLE (ON) or DISABLE (OFF). (5) Press A to save your changes and return to the TV Caller ID menu. (6) Press Exit to close the TV Caller ID menu.

    Renee G.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator

  • Posted by sistermoe
    5 Sep 2017 5:33 PM

    I am having the same issue.  No Caller ID showing up on my tv anymore, as of the last few days.

    I double checked the settings on my remote (went into Menu and then made sure TV Caller ID is "enabled"), and also disconnected power from the DVR box for over 2 minutes, rebooted, and still no caller ID.

    COX:   I just sent an email to about this, with my account info.  You will see my email address as      Ph number ending in 7568.

    Help, please!

  • Posted by Davidoo
    5 Sep 2017 7:09 PM

    Same issue here too.  It just stopped working a few days ago.  Turning it off and back on, or rebooting the box does nothing.  Please fix Cox.

  • Posted by sistermoe
    6 Sep 2017 8:57 PM


    Have you had any luck yet with your Caller ID showing up again on TV?

    Still nothing at my end.

  • Posted by MaryF
    7 Sep 2017 2:58 AM

    HI Davidoo,

    Please send us an email to with your full name and street address so that we can further investigate.  Thanks.

    Mary F.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Posted by feiter
    8 Sep 2017 6:29 PM

    Hi Mary...I am having the same problem....I was new to COX a few months ago and have the Cox Ultimate TV package with Contour remote.  Up until a month or so ago I could see incoming calls on my TV screen and realized a few weeks ago this just stopped working.  I tried using CHAT and the person kept telling me to use the menu button the my remote and go to Settings and Caller ID....I do not have a settings or a Caller ID anywhere when using my Countour Remote...she got frustrated and could not help me.

    I would like this fixed or at least know why it stopped working or was removed as a feature from me...

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  • Posted by SharielH
    9 Sep 2017 12:07 PM
    Hey Feiter,

    I've edited your post removing your personal information. Are you having this issue on all TV's in the home? Does the Caller ID work on the Phone?

    Shariel H.

    -Cox Forums Moderator

  • Posted by TV screen phone caller ID
    12 Sep 2017 6:03 PM

    The TV Screen  phone Caller ID has not been showing up for the last month or so, I called COX support in Sept 3 and reported the issue, they reset the box and still did not work and was promised it would be rectified in 24 hours.

    Now it is over 10 days the issue is still not resolved, and it appears other customers are encountering the same issue.

    The caller ID shows up on the phone but not on the TV screen , appreciate a resolution and a response.


  • Posted by JonathanJ
    13 Sep 2017 1:15 AM
    @TV screen phone caller ID

    Please email full address and primary name on the account to, so we can take a look.

    Jonathan J
    Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Posted by Phone tools not logging calls
    14 Sep 2017 12:34 PM
    Mine died too. I tried turning it back on with my remote features, but didn't work. Called Cox and found out there was an issue on their end that they had to reboot for me today. You may have to call also, since this was beyond a quick fix on my part.
  • Posted by Bruce
    14 Sep 2017 2:32 PM

    Mine has failed as well.  August 31 was the last call displayed and recorded in its history.  I've had several calls since but Cox Caller ID on TV service doesn't recognize them.

  • Posted by slow cox e mail
    15 Sep 2017 8:15 PM

    I have the same problem. My callerID is on.  I called Cox, we did all of the usual stuff, unplug, send a signal, an on and on,,Then they decided it was Cox problem and they would refer the case to the big guys. My neighbor has no caller ID either.

  • Posted by slow cox e mail
    15 Sep 2017 8:27 PM

    What is strange about this caller ID issue is that Cox Tec support has no idea that it is a problem. It has been an issue for months. When you call or do the on line chat, they have you do all of the obvious fixes and of course no results. Then they escalate to the next tier and you hear nothing more about it.

    Maybe we should get a reduction on our bills for the lack of Caller ID service.  It does work on the phone though.

    Pretty poor service from Cox.