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Cox Webmail and IE

Why do I get page notice, indicated by: "this page cannot be displayed", more often, than not. This happens when I am in Cox Webmail, and "click", on "send", when in "reply", mode.

I have  everything I know of. Some have said check the "automatically recover", box. Done - No Help.

Cox Tech Chat, is "worthless" - they are very "robotic", and just don't seem to get it....all they tell me is to "delete", Cookies. Done - No Help.

Can anyone help, please.

  • Do you experience this issue with other PC's in your home or with other devices?  It might also be helpful to try deleting temporary Internet files as well.

  • Chris, still having the same issue noted above. Deleted temp internet files. Can't understand that my PC maybe the only one having this issue.

  • I haven't seen anything like this on my end nor have I seen other similar reports.  Were you able to try to access it from a different PC at all?

  • Chris, this is the only PC in my home. I can't believe I have stumped Cox IT people. So, what are my options, to just live with this problem, and use the "refresh", key until it breaks.

    I do have a phone number of 855-cox-pchc, for IT issues. Will try given them a call, but I can almost bet they want $'s to check out my problem, even though this problem may be caused by Cox (only an assumption, and perception).


  • I have to use the  Google Chrome browser to get my email from Cox.  They are very slow to correct the problem they have on their new update.