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How do I completely close my email account?

 Network Security finds nothing wrong with my email account, yet emails are being sent without my knowledge to my contacts.  Closing all my email accounts seems like the only prudent thing to do.  Please help!

  • Doesn't sound like an email problem...sounds like you got a trojan...that's what trojans do, ..Before i got rid of an email account...I'd fix my problem because it could happen again if you don't fix it. ..Even worse your friend could have the trojan.

    I would run antivirus programs ...and turn off system restore when I do...because if the virus is in your system restore it will just keep coming back.


    It has to be a virus...only reason an email could do that...If you need help 

  • To close an account, you will need to verify that you are using the initial email address that you setup with Cox Communications.  Proceed with the following steps:

    1. Click on "My Connection" at the top of the page
    2. Log in using your Primary Username and password
    3. Click "Internet" in the top right under the "About Us" and "Business" links
    4. Click "Manage Email Addresses"
    5. Click delete next to whichever email address you would like to delete
    6. All steps complete

    Note:  You can not delete a primary account without contacting Cox Communications.  If you need to change a primary account, all emails and email addresses on your account will need to be deleted.  The email addresses are recoverable, however the emails are not.