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# of IPs available on Cable Modem

The typical cable modem is capable of serving multiple IP addresses. I'm having issues with my cox security system 'seeing' the cameras. If I move the CHS Router as the first device off the cable modem, it works great. But that means the CHS router grabs the 'real-world' IP and I can't get to any of my servers inside my network. The CHS router is also a 10/100 device and I have a GIG network ready to go to GIGABLAST fiber, so that won't work....

Anyway, I added a DMZ to my router/firewall and bridged that to my WAN port hoping to get a 2nd IP for the CHS router and not impact my home network. But, I don't get an IP on that port.... I'm thinking that Cox limits the number of IPs to a single address on resi cable Modems. How do I get another IP so that my CHS router works correctly and does not impact my existing network?

  • Having 2 routers on the same network won't work unless you have 2 subnets and use one of the routers to route between subnets.  At the very best it's tricky.  What is the make/model of your main router?  I don't know how Cox sets up their home security but I have my own security cameras installed and can access them from the outside with simple port forwarding.  I only have one router and it routes the unique camera ports directly to the IP address of the associated camera.  A little more detail on your hardware and what you are trying to do will help making suggestions.

  • @Ianf

    IP addresses are allocated one per account with the exception of Ultimate Tier.  I've seen customers report success putting their Home Life router behind their own router provided the enable DMZ to the Home Life router.