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modem rental fee

I moved into a new place last summer, and when looking into transferring services I decided against having a home phone line.  When I was discussing this with a live customer service representitive, she asked if I owned the old modem, which I didn't, so she said that for the high speed internet to work I would have to PURCHASE a new modem and turn in the old one (renting wasn't an option).  I went by the cox main building and noticed the signs that said to go to the Cox store on Bayou Blvd.  I signed in at the store, turned my old modem in to a nice black gentleman at kiosk 1 I would call it, and bought a new Cisco router for around 90 dollars.  Looking through my bill, I noticed that the modem rental charge was never taken off.  When I brought this up to the billing department, they asked for a receipt because they have no records of it.

Seriously?  Are there no records of when I spoke to the live representitive, no records of turning the old one in, no records of purchasing a new one?  Are the serial numbers on these routers really not recorded in any way?

Would the information be under the old address account and they didn't think to check that? 

  • I signed up with COX 3 years ago. Back then the telephone rep told me to just purchase a refurbished modem from COX. The modem was a Motorola surfboard. I didn't like this modem because it gave me unstable connection. So I decided to buy a much newer modem on ebay. I got a Linksys CM100 for only $40 brand new. Normally you just give the tech support guy the mac address for your modem and serial number that would allow you to use your new modem. As for the modem rental charge. I was not even billed for that on my billing statement.  If you have a receipt of the modem that you bought at their store that would come in handy.

  • Please check your private messages.  I'd like to help but need more information.