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Price increases

Why have my charges increased twice over the past year while my level of service has decreased. I have had more frequent disconnects and slower transmission speeds as measured by over the same period of time. How do you justify these price increases?

  • Hi Susan, I sent you a private message asking for more information.

  • same here. I've reset my modem, router, replaced cable splitter with a better quality one. cleaned up my PC. there has to be an issue with the cable line coming off the service pole. i don't know why they dont run cable underground in this part of town. i used to never have internet connection fluctuate so badly until the last 10 months.

  • Why oh Why has my bill increased $5.00 this month? Did I miss the memo of price increase. There seems to be a steady increase every month and I have only had the service 5 months!

  • Wow, yeah I just got my bill. A $4 increase????

    Come on I keep canceling services with you guys every time you increase fees for EXISTING CUSTOMERS!

    Internet is the only thing I have left!

    I'd rather try out Century Link than deal with a company that doesn't seem to care about customer retention. 

    Someone running your company needs to stop being so dumb.

    Better yet, dumb people need to stop paying you these ridiculous fees.

  • You should flip to Centrylink for a 3 to 6 month period, then back to Cox. You need to be off of their system long enough to get the promo price. Or you have to be ready to switch and the retention dept can cut a better deal. At least they did at qwest.