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Cisco cable modem wireless router combo

Does anyone know how to change the username and password on the Cisco DPC3825. There was supposed to be a system update done by cox on 11-1-12, that would allow you to go into the wireless settings and configure it. I've tried leaving both fields blank and just hitting log in like the Manuel says but it doesn't word. I've also tried the default user name and pass key currently used for the router nor does that work. Tried default admin for both username and password. Admin for username and no password. Admin for PW and no username. 

  • The address to log in to is just to be sure.  The username and password fields should both be blank.  If you're still not able to login you may need to do a factory reset using a small pointed object such as a paper click to push and hold the reset button on the back for 30 seconds and try again.