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Outlook constantly asking for email password

I have 5 pop cox accounts in Outlook.  About 10 times a day it will ask me for the log/pass.  It's always the same....for whatever reason Outlook is timing out or cox is not getting my credentials. Sometimes O will ask for only 1 and sometimes it will ask for 4 in a row.

It's been going on for months.

  • If its 2 computers, then it is some what unlikely its a outlook/PC problem. Those tools can't hurt but I don't think it will fix the problem. Do the 2 computers share the same Anti-virus? 

    Also, is  there anything you can do to force the problem to occur? For instance, rebooting the PC or closing and re-opening Outlook? 

  • No I can't force the problem.  It just 'happens'. 

    AV is MS security essentials, SuperAntispyware, and CCleaner.  All 3 processes are running.

  • ChrisL said:

    With that many accounts configured I wonder if there is a little confusion going on with the setup.  I'd suggest checking the account settings in Outlook for each account and making sure the username and password for each account matches to the corresponding email address the account is setup for.  Also make sure that the username does not have "" on the end of it.

    Same issue here as ChrisPbass & Bizaddy . Has been happening for months. I don't know why moderator is pretending this is a new issue. Some research on this very forum with IMAP or POP or Outlook will yield plenty of results with the same symptoms reported. But Cox and their employees continue to pretend it is the user's fault. What's next moderator? Ask me to power off/on my CATV box because I am having POP3 connection problems? I have been told to modify connection latency , to dump the east/west virtual regional name as it was no longer supported. I have re-installed Outlook, I installed Thunderbird. Same outcome. I have the same problem with Cox POP on another PC with a different version of Outlook 14.0.7143.5000 (64 bit) It fails to authenticate about 20 times a day. Some days less and some other days (rarely) no failure. I have been in I.T. for almost 20 years and I know without a doubt that this issue is not user related. In truth, I just live with it. My contract has another 9 months or so. After 25 years, I will dump Cox like an old tranny on the freeway , never to come back.
  • can be annoying. 

    I am ChrisP and bizaddy.  I guess I have 2 logins.