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Cox internet service is falling apart!

Cox internet service is falling apart!

I have had several severe multi-hour internet service outages. No service at all.

Same thing again today. Its been out for hours.

Calling the technical support number is useless. They just say there are having an outage and nobody is there to take your call.

Go to the web to do an online chat and all representatives are busy. No queue, nothing.

This service is just aweful!

I have Cox High-Speed Internet - Preferred Package.

Preferrred? Are you kidding me?

Why has service quality gone down the tubes so much in the last month or so???

  • This posting is for the Santa Barbara, CA area.

  • I'm in North Las Vegas NV and I've changed out all my network hardware including the cox switch to eliminate any intermittent devices from causing a failure.  I am now convnced that it is Cox's QoS.

  • Yeah, I think I will contact the PUC and see what they have to say about all these outages. I also plan to call Cox on Monday and request a refund for this shoddy service and lack of technical support.

  • I cannot wait to leave this tired overpriced service.  Cox is always willing to take your money but the service sucks major and I am just a click away from leaving this service.  Sue me...I dont give a ***.  I refuse to continue to pay for services NOT Rendered and this terrible company. When I left Cox Cable for television programming I vowed NEVER to return and I have been true to that.  Now I left phone service and internet is next!  I just need to find a good air card.  Over with this **!

  • This service has got to be the worst company i have personally ever dealt with. I experience internet lag most often every day all day long. They charged me 50$ for a tech visit on my first day owning the service due to their lack of intelligence. The guy who came to my house was very rude inconsiderate and very dumb at his job. As soon as i can find a service i will be getting rid of cox and so is my mother they are by far the worst company in AZ and i wouldn't recommend them ever. id rather pay 10x the amount i pay now to any other company than this one.