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Need firmware update for SBG6580 modem - current firmware kills VOIP

Took the plunge and ordered Cox at home. Bought Motorola SBG6580 on Amazon because it has built in WiFi. Modem shipped with V. 3.3.x of firmware. Set up VOIP and everything works great.

Then after a billing snafu and reprovisioning, Cox rolls me back to 3.2.1 breaking my VOIP because 3.2.x has no means of disabling SIP ALG (called SIP Pass Through on the Moto). Now my VOIP is broken.

Level 1 and 2 support says no update yet. Love the router, just don't want to have to return it and run so many devices on my little desk to have cable modem + WiFi...

Come on COX, let's get a firmware update! Comcast is on 3.5.x and Charter is on 3.5.x also...

  • I have a same issue. Got SBG6580 with 3.2.1 firmware where as Charter and Comcast already upgraded their customers with SBG6580- That is the latest firmware that has many new features and bug fixes. Cox MUST upgrade us too!

  • Currently is the latest approved firmware version for that modem for use with our network.  I'm not sure where we are with evaluating new versions at this time.  For that reason a separate modem/router solution may be your best alternative.

  • Well, until Cox gets an update out to us, I have placed the SBG6580 into bridge mode, and I'm using a WiFi router behind that for now. It's crowding my desk, but VOIP is operable, and I didn't have to buy additional hardware (I already had the WiFi router).

    For instructions see:

    Hope this helps!

  • Currently I am running SBG6580, Firmware  I noticed that with the firewall set to Medium or High port forwarding or triggering does not work.  I contacted Motorola.  They advised they release these modems with a basic firmware version.  Cox updates that firmware.  It appears when this is done, it "breaks" the port forwarding or triggering features of this modem.  DMZ does appear to work. 

    I contacted Cox.  After getting the run around and disconnected I got a hold of somebody who "talked" to a tier Two tech on my behalf.  They advised they have no information on the issue and port triggering/forwarding should work.  Sigh.... It clearly does not.  Google returns a flood of people with the same issue. 

    Setting the firewall to "low" works, since in that mode, no ports are blocked.  In reality no port forwarding or triggering is taking place due to the firewall being set to "low." 

    Wondering what else does not work? 

  • Update:  I talked to Tier 2 Tech today.  He promised to send the issue up.  I explained the modem in its factory reset condition works as intended.  When hooked up to the cox network it updates to the approved firmware and "breaks" port forwarding and triggering. 

    Cox does not support this feature in the modem.  However, I explained and the tech seemed to agree that if a firmware update to the modem breaks some features there is a degree of responsibility to look at the issue.

    He advised the issue would be passed up.  We shall see.