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WatchESPN needs to include Cox

Since August 27th, WatchESPN is not available to subscribers of Cox Communications. We who are Cox subscribers can no longer watch ANY live programming on (on PCs or Macs) that isn't specifically designated as ESPN3 content (which is basically cricket and Canadian football right now). All the good stuff, college football, basketball, etc, basically anything from ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU, is closed off for us, except as replays.

When will Cox restore our ability to watch ESPNs live sports content, as we could before? And please don't pretend you need to see if there's demand for it.

  • I strongly agree.  One reason Cox had an edge over the DSL provider in Tucson was the ability to stream ESPN channels via the Xbox console prior to August 27th.  I am unsure if they are currently in negotiations to bring this service back but the demand is there and some of us are quite happy having only an internet connection given the prices charged.

    To any customer service representative that may be monitoring these forums:  demand for ESPN streaming service is certainly there.  Considering the recent price hikes, it would be nice to continue to have these services provided to us.  Thanks for your time and we look forward to finding out how this will be resolved.

  • You guys are all on target, is anyone out there from Cox?   Would be nice to get some response even just to tell us they are working on it.  Typical Cox customer service.   From what I can see, Cox is the only major cable company not on the WatchESPN app.

  • I'm not sure if this is being considered at this time but I'll be sure to pass your request along.  We are a participating online provider where you can watch from your PC however ESPN charges carriers like us an additional fee to make this offering availabe to mobile users.