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For Those Complaining About Random, Daily Disconnects....

If you want to "kick it up a notch," in the words of Emeril...file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  When I did this last time (had a problem about a year ago with Cox ...that time it was a speed issue and issues with a random, frequent lag spike that came into my connection at regular intervals) they had a "higher up" contact me and actually ended up giving me a refund AND fix the problem.  

This is the only way they will pay attention because it affects their "reputation," and unlike you or me, mere peons on their system, this is something that affects them directly.  

Doing this complaint is more effective than posting on here, because this obviously goes nowhere with the Cox higher-ups.  In fact, they might even delete this posting...I will also post on, just in case.

The steps are simple:

Go to, input your zip code, and select File a Complaint.  Input your as clear, concise and thorough as you can.  Hit them hard.  Then, submit your complaint!  Wait a day or two and watch Cox actually RESPOND to your complaint.  However, until you are ABSOLUTELY SURE the complaint is resolved, do NOT close the complaint.  The Cox rep that contacts you will push for you to do this so it shows Cox "quickly resolved" the issue and gets them off the hook.  If you attempt to contact that Cox rep again that established a rapport with you during this formal complaint process and you have closed the official complaint, that rep will NOT respond to you.  I know, because I have had this happen to me this time around when I foolishly closed an initial complaint I made on this now. 

So, I made a second complaint, and it won't go away until this is resolved.  

Every day, every single day I lose connection between 11 AM and 4-5 PM.  This happens CONSTANTLY.  At night, it is silky-smooth.  No major loss connections, nothing.  I am suffering through an outage NOW, in fact.  I am calling a customer service number (Cox complaint blocker) here and they are indicating there is a "service outage" in the area.  This happens DAILY.  

I plead with you, who are suffering a lack of response from Cox on this the BBB.  Make your complaint formal with an outside agency such as them.   Cox WILL respond.  They WILL realize then that you take this seriously enough to "kick it up a notch," and won't settle for their efforts to ignore you.

  • The way it is up and down today it is like the rolling blackouts we use to have when there wasn't enough electrical power to meet the demand.

    I suspect Cox is over subscribed and the bandwidth demand is too high to deliver full service to everyone. There must be someplace to complain about this lousy service.

  • There is:

    Again, that is:

    You are on your own otherwise, the Cox reps' job is to firewall your complaint from bypassing them.  If they can't do that, they grudgingly push you up to a Service Tech (usually an outside contractor), who's job then becomes, in his turn, to firewall your complaint from going further up the chain of command.

    At no point through this process are the Cox reps working to escalate your problem.  Their goal is to minimize, deflect and avoid the problem.  That's what they are paid for.  Anything else, like looking into a problem, tracking it down and fixing it costs money and time.  Avoiding and denying the issue exists is free.

  • I agree with you that this forum and the Customer Support Firewall will not make it up the Cox food chain. However, I do think that the more we talk about this issue the more buzz is created, and at some point, the message will leak out as more and more Cox customers join the chorus.

    I would like to think that the BBB could help in a situation like this but the truth is that the BBB looks at these complaints as isolated incidences, and that is certainly the way Cox will spin it.

    I believe there is a larger systemic problem with the cable system. Cox has been adding more and more digital services to the network. I just added the new Cisco whole house set top boxes here at my house. These new boxes operate on new separate VLANS over the cable plant. Add the legacy analog TV carriers, digital phone service, legacy digital cable TV, and docsis 3.0 multiple bonded channel cable modems, there are allot of upstream and downstream signals contributing to intermods and noise (including other foreign noise and interference sources) on your neighborhood cable plant.

    I believe all of this can be managed but it will take a big effort on the part Cox network engineering. Not much evidence of this so far given the lack proactive responses we've seen.

    I have asked Cox tech support to answer a simple question to which they have refused to answer. ARE OTHER SUBSCRIBERS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD SHOWING UP IN THE CMTS FLAP LIST? This would be very telling because if they are seeing multiple upstream hits at the head end, it pretty much eliminates all of the individual modem and house wiring assumptions in their typical trouble shooting aproach.

    I need my internet service to be reliable more than I need the extra upstream bandwidth that Cox cable offers over ADSL. That said, I have ordered and will receive CenturyLink 12/0.9 Mbs service next week. I will cancel Cox (after 7 years of service) if CenturyLink proves to be reliable.

    This is a big hassle for me but I don't have confidence that Cox can clean house and turn things around anytime soon, with or without the assistance of the BBB.


  • The BBB complaint process DOES collate all complaints nationwide.  Thats one of the reasons it is so effective!  Furthermore, initiating the complaint process costs you nothing but some time.  The BBB people handle all the headaches in dealing with Cox.  You simply have to respond to Cox through the BBB once the complaint reaches that point.

    It is fast, effective and free...and recorded by the BBB.  This is effective on a variety of levels and it DOES show that there is a chorus of Cox customers complaining.  As I said, it affects' Coxs' rating, and that is important to them, not our moaning on a website.

    Please go into further detail about the CMTS flap list?  I would like more information so that I might be able to bring it up with my Cox handler, should it be relevant at all here in my case.

    Finally, I am glad you have CenturyLink to go, we have no alternative cable company.  Cox bought our politicians and paid for a monopoly in the area and we have no viable alternative outside of AT&T "Uverse."  

  • Here is a very informative document from Cisco: "Cable Modems Dropping Offline in a 2-way Cable Network"

    One of the linked reference documents from the above:

    From this document - Flap List Troubleshooting for the Cisco CMTS: "...The flap list tracks "flapping" cable modems, which are cable modems that have intermittent connectivity problems. A flapping cable modem can indicate either a problem with that particular cable modem, or it could indicate an RF noise problem with the upstream or downstream portion of the cable plant."