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COX Email Problems: automatically deletes anything 1 week or older in inbox

My inbox emails that are 1 week or older are vanishing.  Why is this happening and does any one else have this problem?

(Yes I know how to put emails into files and they stay there, but I want to leave things in my inbox for more than a week.  Yes I know how to scroll down.  At times the email will appear blank below new messages, but really they are there, which is annoying, but not my main concern here.  I have reached the bottom of the inbox and my week or older emails are just gone.  This doesnt happen all of the time, but its happening more frequently and is more than annoying to lose items from my inbox.)

Also, on my mac, I can not backspace when sending an email- argh! works on a pc though.

  • Few questions for you:  Is this webmail where the messages are disappearing from and do you also use any email programs to access your messages?

  • Twice I have lost emails out of my inbox.  Not deleted.  Not in trashcan.  They are my oldest emails, and one day they were there, and next time I logged in, gone.  Lost 30 or so emails about a month ago, and 15-20 today.  The most recent ones were everything prior to April 18th.  Have contacted Cox support, unresolved.

  • I have used cox email for 20 years and recently my inbox started disappearing. It has happened twice now in 2 weeks. They keep referring to another email client such as outlook express and windows live. I have neither on my computers and my wife's emails are ok.  My mailbox was never more than 10% full (have 2 GB storage).  No changes have been made to my computers recently and Cox has no answers.  Any clues as Cox has been un able to help?

  • It appears the emails you are looking for were downloaded from your home Internet connection last time on the 30th using an email program of some kind based on the transaction history from this end.  If you dont' recall ever setting up an email program simply chaning your password will stop this from happening.  Taking all of this into consideration I'd say there's a good chance you'll find your missing emails on one of your home computers.  They'll likley be on the PC that starts throwing random email related errors after changing the password.

  • Strange how these folks emails ended up missing. I received a message saying one of my email accounts was deactivated for essentially not logging in. Also said all my messages would be deleted should the account not be reactivated within 30 days. At least thats how it read. So I logged in immediately and found all my messages gone. I guess the 30 days must have been 30 seconds.

    Anyone by chance get this type of message? Prior to emails being deleted?