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Static IP Addresses...

I have a Business Internet Account so I pay more for my Internet connection and also pay $5.00 extra each month for each static IP addresse (more than one) that I need.  Why is it that Cox keeps changing my static IP addresses.  This causes me quite a bit of extra work and cost (since I have to engage a consultant) to re-IP my equipment and the software that I have installed.  Does Cox not know what STATIC means?  Here this may help:

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a. Having no motion; being at rest; quiescent.
b. Fixed; stationary.
  • Hi David,

    CBS accounts most definitely have static IPs that should not change. Are you sure that you have a Cox Business Services (CBS) Internet account? The fact that you mention the $5 extra a month makes me think it might not be a Cox Business account, as all of those fees are built-in. 

    Email your full name, address, and your account number (if you have it) to and I'll verify this for you. I definitely want to determine the account type! There's always a possibility that it's a CBS account with an IP address issue we need to fix!

  • My understanding is that only Business accounts can get a static IP, if residential accounts can when did this start?

  • XIII, it didn't start. Cox doesn't do static IPs for residential accounts.

  • Because Becky mentions that with a $5 fee it might not be a biz account leads me to believe that you can get a static when in fact you cant.

  • You can also have a business account at a residential location with a static IP. Cox does charge $5 a month for each additional static IP number that you  lease from Cox. If you have a business account your email address will be instead of

    There is no reason for a Cox assigned static IP to change unless it is not set up as static in the router. Smile