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McAfee Security Suite

The latest update to the Cox McAfee Security Suite has seemed to cause a lot of problems with internet browsing, uploads, and downloads.  After the update was installed, simple internet browsing became extremely slow (if the website would even load at all) and I was unable to download anything, even small and simple files like Mozilla Firefox.  The download would start but freeze up quickly thereafter and never complete (I even left it overnight, it didn't budge from where I had left it the night before).

I have now completely uninstalled Cox McAfee Security Suite and everything has returned to normal, performance-wise, with the obvious exception of a running anti-virus program.

Is it possible to re-install Cox Security Suite and revert it back to the previous version?

  • I also had the same problem on Wed. 3-28-2012. I called cox and told them this started happening after the cox Upgrade ( forced reboot) and not a Update ( no reboot required), so they sent a Technitian out and determined I needed a new Modem. That was installed and tests were ran on my PC and all was good until I rebooted. The problem came back. I then contacted my Tech friend in Florida that is a certified Hardware, Software, & Internet Tech. We used Teamviewer to try to resolve the problem on Friday morning 3-30-2012 we found the culpret. If you turn off the McAfee "Real - Time Scanning"  the internet using IE9 or Firefox, now works super fast with no errors and it now downloads without lock-ups of freezes.

    I am now running McAfee with all other functions but Real-Time Scanning without issues, even after reboot with it left off. If I turn it on it starts up the problem again.

    I am calling Cox support to inform them of this and hope I don't have to remove McAfee ( as I have been comfortable with it since McAfee became Cox McAfee) and have to switch to Microsoft Security Essentials.

  • I'm experiencing the same problems.  If I disable the Mcafee Security software provided by Cox, via the Real Time scanner disable, my internet will speed back up, and I am once again able to download files.  If that is enabled, I have extreme lag at loading webpages, and typically when downloading files, it will proceed 1-2 percent, and the stop and never resume.  If I cancel the download, and try again, it might make it another 1-2 percent and then stop again.

    I have a 2nd pc on the same internal network, with the Cox software.  At this point, I am thinking it has something to do with WIndows 7, and the Cox security software.  My 2nd pc has windows xp running on it with the Cox software, and has no problems browsing to the same websites or downloading files.  In addition it seems that other internet connectivity programs are not affected.  Ping times to websites can have a single or a couple very slow returns, but for the most part are pretty normal speeds.

    This problem only started happening over the last few days, I have no errors in the event logs, and at this point am getting ready to unstall mcafee until this problem can be resolved.

    Anyone else experiencing the same problems?  If so are your pc's windows 7 with the Cox Security Suite?


  • I was having similar problems with the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox after a McAfee upgrade, however by altering a few settings in McAfee I was able to get back to normal browsing speed without any problems.  To make the needed adjustments. 1) Open McAfee 2) Click on Firewall (this will bring up an option on the right hand side that says 'Settings') 3) Click on Settings 4) Then click on the down arrow next to "Internet Connections to Programs...(you should see a list of programs that use the internet come up) 5)Check the access for your broswer, if the access is set to Outgoing only instead of Full this could be the problem 6) Click on the browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome etc.) then click Edit then change the access from Outgoing to Full then click Save and exit out of McAfee 7)You should not have to restart your computer to see a difference, if you do restart your computer and are still having problems try following the above steps again, as after a computer restart for some reason McAfee tries to change the program back to Outgoing access only.  This can also happen after an update to a new version of your browser.  Hope this helps.

  • Great solution peacfulwaves! We are looking at adding these steps to our help articles on since the problem, as you describe it, would indeed cause browsing not to function correctly. 

    For the others on the thread, can you attempt the above steps to see if that resolves your issue?