How can I get more information about an outage in the Roanoke, VA area.

my tv, internet and telephone went down about 3:30pm today. When I called customer service I was told ‘everyone in your zip code is down’ and summarily brushed off and rushed off the phone by the rep. I’ve talked with neighbors (across the street from me) and a few other people in my zip code who have no issues and have all services working. Now I’m receiving text messages that at one point said service would be restored by 5:04pm and now have slipped to 9:07pm. Where can I find out more information about what is causing this outage and maybe get the TRUTH about who’s out and what’s going on?

  • And now even though I received a text stating that the outage was over, and a phone rep agreed I’m still out with an estimated up time of 4am. It’s frustrating that the reps do not have access to even know what the issues are. Btw, had yet another rep make a statement and not be able to live up to what they promised to do. 

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