Trying to upgrade from the dismal Panoramic

  • I called in to try to get help with my service. I upgraded to the Panoramic and it wasn’t panoramic.  I was getting a worse signal than I had before.  I asked what they could do.  I also said that I had a VOIP phone that wasn’t working.  Additionally, I said I was getting a message on my TV to upgrade.  I got some man on the phone that said he could only help with the phone.  He said he doesn’t do troubleshooting and I needed to talk to someone else.  Since I had waited on the phone so long to get this special <not> person, I asked him if he could do anything.  He said I needed a tech.  He was very unpolished and didn’t offer to help me in any way. 
  • I called back and got a really nice rep who went out of her way. She actually talked me into upgrading so instead of them offering me some kind of discount, I decided to upgrade.  She then told me that my VOIP phone had been canceled months ago.  I said it couldn’t have because I never called in to do so.  I said I believed I was still paying the bill but she said I couldn’t be.  But she was nice so I wasn’t going to argue about it until I checked my bank statements.  She set me up with two appts.  One for Wednesday the 5th of June and another for the 8th.  I asked them to please not send a contractor because the last one had been pretty green (for the Panoramic install)
  • I waited and waited for the people to show up both days. No tech, no phone call, nothing.  I wasted my whole Saturday waiting.  I wasted my Wednesday early evening.
  • So, I had to call again (long wait time) and rescheduled just one of the appointments. I wasn’t going to push my luck.  Friendly rep, no complaints. No mention of any perks to ease my pain. 
  • Waited for the tech today (June 12th). He was supposed to arrive from 3-5.  At 5:00 PM, I had to call in to see where he was.  They said his ETA was 5:25.  No phone call from him to let me know he was late. 
  • Tech got here and looked around a bit and then said he didn’t have the equipment for the install. I asked him how he came here with a work order and didn’t have the equipment.  He said he had one but used it at his last job.  I could not believe it.  He said Cox would reschedule it.
  • I called Cox again to ask why they would send a tech with no equipment and I did get a very nice guy who said that was unheard of and that as a customer with so many years as a Cox customer, I needed someone who would take ownership and make this right. I thought, Oh Finally, someone that understands customer service.  He offered to have me speak to a supervisor and I jumped on the chance.  I had not raised my voice once as that is not my style. 
  • I was put on hold again…..Someone came on the line that sounded like he was 20. I explained the problem to him and he said he had never heard of that.  I sat there waiting for him to say something else (think Jeopardy theme song playing).  Since he didn’t seem to have anything to say, I asked him what could he do.  He asked me what I wanted?  Huh????  I asked him if he was a supervisor and he said he was.  I told him he sure didn’t sound like a supervisor.  He said, well your appointment is rescheduled and I said that was the first I had heard that.  He then started to tell me when it was rescheduled for but I was so fed up, I hung up the phone.
  • Tomorrow I will be calling again to cancel the whole *** thing. I pay $250.00 a month for cable with no special channels, an “upgrade” that wasn’t an upgrade and a phone there is no record of (but I was most assuredly billed for).


$120 for Wednesday

$320 for Saturday

$120 for Wednesday the 12th

$160.00   Time on Hold (total)  4.25 hours

$249.06 – The months I was billed for a “non-existent phone” that wasn’t working.

So, Cox owes me $969.06


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