panoramic wifi pods connected but not working

just recently upgraded router to the panoramic and got the 3 pods. cox tech installed router/modem but would not install pods as he said that's not included in our service package.. so i've installed them and in the app they show as connected and everything looks good, but when i go in an area right by one or more of the pods, instead of connecting to one of them i'll lose my wifi or bars drop to 1. 

in the app when i am looking at the pods individually, they always say connected but 0 users/devices connected to them. checked router admin and 2.4 and 5 are both working, and everything else looks good but it seems like the pods aren't doing their job at all.

i've tried removing the pods, going through the pod setup process all over, i've reset the router before and after the setup, tried resetting router for a good while before doing the setup again and still they connect, but they aren't actually doing any good to our wifi signal in those problem areas. i've tried calling and chatting with cox and have only gotten techs that seem to know less than i do. i'm in the midst of getting my IT specialist certification and although i'm not quite halfway in, i seem to be more knowledgeable about the panoramic wifi and pods than cox techs themselves.. going to schedule a tech to come out again but in the meantime wanted to see if i could get any help from anyone here. thanks!

  • I had the same problem. Had to upgrade my original pano with a different one that supported pods.  Did the self install, nothing worked.   When the tech came out, guess what?  Everything worked as it should.  The tech didn't know much about the pods, but figured out that while they show good signal strength, there is very little speed.

  • Hi Ladymacintosh,

    I am terribly sorry to learn of your troubles with your Pods and I'd like to help. I would like to ask if you could send us an email to, as I'd like to look into who the technician was that advised you the pods were not included. Thank you for providing all of the troubleshooting steps. I'd like to ask if you have attempted to move a pod closer to the gateway or to another pod? If not, please try and let us know if this helps.

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  • i'm in the midst of getting my IT specialist certification

    If so, I would suggest something more under your control so you can learn about it in-depth. The documentation for the pods and the process is poor, so any troubleshooting is trial and error. A couple routers configured in a mesh network would not only give you better performance IMO, but teach you a lot more about the technology.