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Slow Speeds + Terrible customer service

Internet only plan: 

Preferred 100 Internet Service - up to 100 Mbps download

mLab speedtest:

Network Latency: 84 msec round trip time

Jitter: 47 msec

Upload Speed: 7.16 (Acceptable)


I have tried numerous times to find a resolve for our ridiculous slow speed, yet not one proper customer service rep (oxymoron) has assisted me. The last conversation I had I was told that we're on a light plan and it was to be expected. Over $70 per month for a light plan? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. 

There are no gamers in the house, and only 2 young children that watch cartoon based shows. #Cox needs to pick up their game here.

  • Hi Klopper,

    The modem signal looks good on our end. We’d like to get more information about the performance of the modem, please run the Internet Tools Speed Test and log in with your primary Cox User ID:
    Please run the test twice; once with the modem hard-wired directly to a device and once with a wireless connection. By doing this will help narrow down what’s causing your issue. Please advise when you’ve completed this, so we can review the results.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator