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Continuing Modem Disconnects

Okay, it's been 30 days since I first reported that my modem disconnects at least once every 24-36 hours.  Frankly I am running out of ideas and patience in dealing with this issue.  My series of events:

July 12 - had Record-6 DVR box installed, no wiring changes were made

July 15 - during this week, began to notice cable modem disconnects

July 21 - reported disconnects, signals were out of spec, a tech visit was suggested

July 30 - tech visit, changed splitters, added an amp to the line

July 31 - modem problem not fixed and started having performance trouble with tv/dvr

August 9 - second tech visit (much more thorough), replaced wiring, changed fittings, removed amp.  Suggested that I upgrade phone service to use eMTA modem (replacing my new $100 modem now sitting in a box), to improve signals.  Phone switch was completed, signal levels improved slightly.

August 11 - since August 11, cable modem still loses connection at least once daily; and now, phone service goes out during that time as well.  Very helpful!

Have tried:

- to connect modem directly to primary PC to bypass router (wife did not like this option).  Did not solve problem.

- to remove splitter on line -- improved signals to "near perfect" levels.  Did not solve problem.

- to bypass all connections to UPS, coax & power.  Did not solve problem.

- to use various DNS servers.  Seemed to work temporarily, but did not solve problem.

I have no idea what else to try, and honestly don't feel like I should have to spend 2 hours a day troubleshooting my internet connection.  I've been a Cox internet user for 15+ years and have never had an recurring connection problem.  I have berated door-to-door AT&T sales people touting their service over Cox.  Maybe this is the scenario they were alluding to.

I do not believe the problem exists within the structure of my house, so how do I troubleshoot that?  I would personally like to rid myself of the eMTA modem and use what I previously chose to purchase.  Does this mean I need to cancel my telephone service?

There have been many threads in this forum about connection & speed issues.  I realize there are vast locations and technical issues involved, but it is amazingly frustrating that Cox can not seem to fully resolve the majority of them.


  • In regards to the modems being separated that would not be a problem you can use the other modem for internet and current one for phone only. You would need to leave the MTA modem plugged into a cable outlet to keep dial tone on the phone however, though it does not have to be the same one if you can connect it somewhere else to a cable and phone outlet that would be fine.

    Currently with the modem online all I am seeing is the dial tone no Ip address being pulled past it, so I do not know if its actively a issue right now but the modem/router connection or computer there is not responding right now if that is the case. The signal levels appear to be normal just for the modem.

    When the computer is plugged in direct does it show the status changes saying connected no internet access or local only, or does it continue to just say connected and nothing responds on the internet?

  • Ed,

    Thanks for info on the MTA.  Yes, my connection was down when I came home about 30 minutes ago.  The status when not working says "No Internet access."  Yet, usually the Windows troubleshooter offers no real help.  It a couple of times showed DNS issues, which is why I tried different servers.  Anyway, the connection is currently active at the moment.

  • First a couple questions:

    1. "July 15 - during this week, began to notice cable modem disconnects" Could you give more info on this? How do you know it was a modem disconnect? Lights change? A message? Cox tell you?

    2. "Suggested that I upgrade phone service to use eMTA modem " What did you use before for phone service? Something outside the house? A separate eMTA? Were you having any issues with phone prior to August 9th?

    3. "to connect modem directly to primary PC to bypass router (wife did not like this option).  Did not solve problem." When you say it didn't fix it, do you mean it didnt get online at all that way? Or it did but, with the PC connected direct to the modem, the problem came back. If so, could you describe the details of when It stopped working then?

  • 1.  No changes to the lights on the modem when disconnects occur.  The only fix I have found was (still is) to unplug and repower the modem.  Windows troubleshooter will display the following:

    2.  Until Aug 9, phone service ran through a box on the outside of the house, which I assume was old eMTA.  Have never had any issues with phone service.  Tech said that signal levels would improve (which they did slightly) by replacing with new Cisco modem.

    3.  Connecting the modem to the PC or connecting the PC through the router has made no difference.  The disconnect problem occurs in either case and the only resolution is to restart the modem.  (this test was to be sure the router was not the culprit)

    The problem is always the same.  Internet service performs as expected.  At some point PC loses connection.  There are no changes to the lights on the front of the modem when this happens.  Unplug the modem.  Reconnect the modem.  Service is restored.  At least until the next event.

  • Ok, good info. Let me reply in order.

    1.If the modem needs to be reset, but the lights haven't changed, its likely not a signal issue to the modem. Not to say it isn't (or is) a modem issue, just saying its probably not related to signal. If your saying there seems to be a pattern to the loss of connectivity, then its more likely something above layer 2, and not  a wiring problem from modem to router. It is more likely it is related to the IP address, since this renews on a schedule. I think every 24-48hrs.

    So the question is your connection dropping every DHCP renew, or is your IP actually changing? Try going to before the problem, and then after. See if your IP changes. If it doesn't change, then that creates the question of why is your connection dropping out when either you PC or router does a DHCP renewal? Just for the heck of it, maybe try finding out what IP your router is getting from the modem (via the site above) and set that as a Static IP on your routers WAN. I can of course give specific instructions if you tell me what router you have. This would NOT be a long term solution, but at least it would tell us what the problem is.

    2. Well the Tech is right in theory. By bypassing that box (which I believe they call a NIU) you can, and did, improve your signal level. But then you have to install a phone modem (they call eMTA) inside, which just means one more split in  the signal before it gets to your internet modem. That is why he suggested you move the internet over to your eMTA after that change, because otherwise your just making up signal from one fix, and losing it somewhere else.

    3. See details of 1.