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Credits for outage and modem

I called yesterday and talked to Billing on getting a credit for the massive outage Cox had hast week that affected NV, AZ and CA. It was all day out for most of your services like internet, tv, phones etc. Calling a Cox store here they told me they were out also. They said we would get about a $7.00 credit. I then asked to transfer to internet support and requested a credit for have to buy a new modem after the outage was fixed. Whatever caused your outage blew our modem up. We could not get it going and even testing on your end showed it was not working. That modem was only a few years old, never gave us one issue but suddenly died because of this outage. You’ve had other outages and it always came back immediately.

We had to purchase a new one and was not ready for that expense but needed the Internet and the cheapest modem that met your specs was $200.00 

We wanted a substantial credit for that modem seeing after seeing posts on people having their modems blow immediately after your outage. It’s not right that a failure equipment on your end that apparently went through your lines to our modem to damage it mean we should shoulder the total cost of a new modem.

Patrick in Internet support told me will would show up today in our billing but checking today I see NO credits for either outage or modem.