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why do i have to unplug my modem every time i want to use my xbox for it to connect?

New internet customer here and every time i turn on xbox one x it is never connected to the internet as it has always been with my previous isp. I have to physically unplug the modem then plug it back in and wait. After several minutes it will connect and stay connected. That is until I turn it off (or stand by). I am hardwired to a netgear cm600 cable modem (brand new). Nothing else is connected to this internet.        I also have the same problem i read about on here with getting my 300 megs download but only getting 2.5 megs upload instead of 30 which I am paying for. This only happens with the xbox but since the xbox is the reason i got this internet and there doenst seem to be any fix for the problem, I dont think i will be keeping cox service very long

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  • Have you checked your ethernet coard or tried a new one? Also, do you see any options in the modem for "green ethernet" or energy efficient ethernet? Some models like the Arris SB6183 have it but don't know about CM600. It shuts off the connection if it doesn't detect activity which can happen since the Xbox is offline most of the time.

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