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My IMAP Cox Webmail problems are real

After over an hour with Apple this morning and several times with CoxCare, both with remote control, the Cox Server webmail communication problems with Macmail I've had are real

Everything was set up correctly

I contacted Apple because I started to think maybe it's a bug with Mojave...... but doesn't appear to be the case tho. Apple spent all their time with me at no charge. Cox made me sign up with CoxCare for no resolution and frustration 

Apple even deleted the account and re-added..... same problems with Cox not recognizing Mojave MacMail deletions

Right now, 12+ hours, I have 5 test emails deleted this morning from Macmail that are still sitting in webmail, greyed out with lines through them, but no refresh has made them delete from webmail Inbox.  Thus the space problems built up

I've heard nothing positive about the servers Cox has for email even though they had an upgrade in January.  Underpowered and over-extended space even at 2gb customer limit.  Apparently they are Microsoft servers, which theory has it this has some role in the various aspects

My theory is Cox wants to get out of the email business and have you go to another service for email.  They won't make any less money because your are still paying for the internet service regardless

If the deleted emails are there come Monday, they will be sending me to a higher tech service beyond CoxCare

Sounds like the answer is Gmail or iCloud

If Cox's goal is to decrease their email service commitment, they likely have succeeded here with this 20 year customer

I should look into alternative options for the others services as well