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New Gig upgrade has 1TB data limit?

Cox has recently upgraded my area to 1 gig.  When I started to sign up I noticed that there is a 1 TB data cap.

I'm going to try to be nice but does anybody else beside me consider a 1 GB connection with a 1 TB data cap nothing short of ludicrous at best and extortionist at worst?

So the intro price is $119 + $10 modem rental (required) + $50 unlimited data = $180 plus taxes and other fees.  I would love to have the service but I refuse to be taken advantage of by their exorbitant/greedy pricing.



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  • Good for you buddah,

    Why pay for speed when you get punished for using it?  The business model is predatory and misleading. Like Jchambers mentioned, it's best to take a lower tier and maybe add data. it is ridiculous.  For many customers Cox called shortly after the data caps were implemented and offered a deal to lock your bill from increases (which was happening every three months). In essence I am stuck in premium and locked in a two year deal. Ironically these calls happened shortly after data caps were implemented. This company treats their customers like **. 

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