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$ 100.00 Prepaid Card

I have tried twice today and on 12/27/18 to call Cox about my Cox prepaid card and have gotten nowhere except to be hung up on twice.  

When I spoke to Chad on 12/27 I mention that I had gotten an email saying "Our records indicate that this account was not originally invited to participate in the offer."
I placed my order online and this $100.00 Cox prepaid card was offered to me after the first 3 months of service. 
Now I also receive a postcard saying the same thing.  That I was not invited to participate. 
What is going on?
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  • Have all these requirements been met? See more here.

    What are the eligibility requirements to receive my card?

    1. You must have the required levels of service outlined in the offer.
    2. You must complete 90-days of continuous service.
    3. Ensure no past due balances at any point during the 90-days of continuous service.
    4. Submit your redemption application before the submission deadline.
    5. Prepaid card will be mailed to the address provided in redemption form.
    6. Submission deadline is 6 months from the Installation Date.
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