MS Outlook email problem

Hours and hours of trying to get my outlook send email to work.  Cox discussion on chat are useless.  Microsoft after working online for 2 hours insists it is Cox that is the problem.  I cant get help.

  • Incoming email works?

    Are you configuring for POP or IMAP?
    What server name(s) did you enter?
    Which outgoing ports and protocols did you enter?
    Did you opt for Use SSL / TLS?

  • Hi CharleneS, are you able to send and receive email when signed into your Webmail account? If you aren't sure, please go to, enter your username and password, sign in, and then click on the envelope icon to access Webmail. Compose a new email and enter your own email address in the To field. Enter "test" in the Subject field and also the body of the email, and then press Send. Refresh your Inbox to see if the message is received. Are you able to receive email in Outlook? If so, yet you can't successfully send email from Outlook, the culprit may be in your Outlook settings. Review the steps in the Cox Support article Pay special attention to the Cox Email Server Settings ( and the Settings on Outlook's Outgoing Server tab. After verifying your settings, make sure the Outlook Outbox is empty. If there are any messages "stuck" in the Outbox, delete them. Close Outlook. Reopen Outlook and try to send yourself a test message. (If your Webmail Test message is displayed in your Outlook Inbox, simply Reply to that message.) If you get an error message when trying to send from Outlook, please provide the error message (minus any personal information) in your post so we can review it. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator