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detected suspicious activity ... or not

We have received (so far) 2 emails from Cox claiming that "We've detected suspicious activity on your email account [and] and believe this email address password may be compromised or your computer may be infected with Malware. If you do not recognize this email account, it may have been created without your knowledge."  We regularly scan our Mac with MalwareBytes, and other utilities, seeing NO malware here. The email goes on to say that we should change our password(s). Is anyone else getting these things? Is there any way to get through the bureaucracy to find just what "suspicious" activity they are seeing?

Or is it just one of those annoyances ...

  • Sorry I'm late to this party.

    The emails you are getting are SCAM to get your information NEVER NEVER NEVER reply to these emails or click on any of its links.  Either deleted them (permanently, not just to the trash folder) or forward it to the security address on the COX website.

    I get at least 10 of these a week from COX.  

    One way you can check if it is legit is to look at the links address.  Outlook, allows me to display the link address just by hovering the mouse pointer over the link WITHOUT clicking it. Must fake links have a weird looking address with lots of letters that do not spell anything. 

    I hope this helps


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